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Snagging list

Snag List
& Questions Arising

Stories presentation consistency - do we want:
Title / hero image / text / thumbnails
Title / thumbnails / text

Work out where to access the spacing / styles to edit the space above / below the images thumbs /

Slideshow splash - infrastructure in place - need images and final text.✅

Riso Story - awaiting text / edit images

I wonder whether the headline for each story needs to go above the corresponding pics. At present it’s unclear and the titles often seem to apply to the wrong images! ✅

Please use the following as intro text for the section: ✅
Graphic Design is a team activity, so we run our space as a working design community. This means it’s often busy with workshops, visiting speakers, pitches, work-in-progress, and the debris of creativity. We also take our activities out into the public realm and run live events that introduce students to real-world settings. These add special flavour to our regular curriculum and allow students to customise their time with us towards their chosen fields of interest.

James will be able to provide a short story and pics about the visit of this inspirational speaker.
James: we can add Paddy and Martyna’s pics to yours if you can chase.

Mobile site type styles v1.0 set up
- appreciate any feedback on this from multiple devices - I am using chrome on android. I don’t anticipate any big surprises but let me know.

Olivia profile awaiting word / image / links

Clarified with Sophie re xmas brief images / gifs

Standardised format for external links: no http// or trailing forward slash (/), always opens in new window.

What naming convention should we use for our Instagram channels? ❌

How do we contextualise legacy DCD content? ✅

Mark could you zap out an email asking other visiting staff for their preferred web addresses for:
Vaughan Oliver - cited as one of the 'great music designers', Vaughan is known for his work with bands such as The Pixies, The Breeders, and the Cocteau Twins. ✅
Hans Dieter Reichert - Editor of Baseline Magazine.
Tony Brook - creative lead at Spin agency and Unit Editions. ✅
David Shaw - typographer and exhibition designer ✅
Tom Trevatt - Curator, Art Theorist and Writer. ✅
Diann Bauer -  artist and theoretician ✅
Simon Last - photographer and web designer / @simonlast ✅
Tim Ellis – illustrator and author ✅
Mathew Wilson - interaction designer ✅
Svenja Frahm – projection mapper ✅
Paul Plowman – motion designer ✅

The course is supported by technical expertise from specialist staff:
Jonathan Ellis, digital technician ✅
Bianca Barandun, print technician

Stories style guide. (visual examples in the life on the course and future of work pages).
Images should ideally come in multiples of 3

About - awaiting content text ✅ image ❌

  • Staff profiles - Rough staff profile text ✅ in place with photos for all but Sophie❌

  • AL/Sessional - Text✅ image ❌ Need web links for majority✅

  • !!! Student reps - no content yet ❌ (For now, mothballed) !!!

  • !!! Alumni - no content yet ❌ (For now, mothballed) !!!

The course

  • Life on the course 4.5 stories, but no intro text

  • Course Aims - Intro Text ✅image ❌

  • Future of work - intro text ✅ 2 stories

Contact - Basic content in place / no images ❌

  • Write to us - ✅ image ❌
    - Awaiting account image / address / user info ❌
    Apply now
    Open days

    UCA course pages

Articles with only one image will have no [‘Read more‘] or [‘View gallery’] button and the image will pop up in a light box if clicked.

Options for articles with more than 1 image:

a) A hero image (light box), followed by text / links followed by thumbnail grid that launches to lightbox gallery.

b) Thumbnail image grid (which launches to lightbox) followed by text/links. (Best for up to 4 images).

c) A hero image (light box), followed by text / links followed by [‘View gallery’] button which links to a new gallery page of images.

Stories so far

Life on the course
Three Generations of Design (Mark) ✅
From Kings Cross to Outer Space (Mark) ✅
Nescafé Azera By Design project (Sallyanne) ✅

Future of work
The uniform (Sophie) ✅
What do cities look like after the end of work? (James) ✅ - guidance on which images to use please, or direction to choose the content.

Darken BG
Email Mark ✅
Apply Upper Upper Upper convention to titles ✅
Make a ‘Type snag’ page to clarify hierarchy issues ✅
Duotone bio photos ✅
Navigation > Yellow w/ pink rollover ✅