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Course aims

Course Aims

Graphic Design describes a wide range of visual media and approaches, employed to communicate messages at a public and personal level. Just as the evolution of the digital realm has upturned traditional media and communication channels, so too is Graphic Design going through an epoch of unprecedented change.
The next decade will undoubtedly continue to see major changes to the logistics of daily life. Climate, the refugee crisis, post-austerity, automation of the workplace and societal behaviour are all in flux. As we face this era of unparalleled change and promise, design has to decide how to react. Too often, design is part of the problem, fuelling desire and irresponsible consumption via unsustainable promotional promises. 
Graphic Design in Epsom proposes that designers are ideally placed to respond to the most pressing challenges of today. Design should be applied to these major social, environmental and economic issues of our time, as design, in its most authentic and participatory version, is a key place to promote social change.

Designers now need to be bold enough to identify and confront the issues they wish to embrace. Many designers choose to look away, but ours are seeking out the resources they need to confront the challenges and opportunities that the future holds. Inexpensive digital tools have transformed the practice and possibilities of design, and designers can raise capital from crowdfunding and manage huge quantities of complex data on affordable technology. They can use social media to reach out to collaborators, suppliers and fabricators, and to generate media coverage.
Our course believes in the power designers now hold, and equips you to thrive in the vast new horizons that design now faces. Graphic Design in Epsom is agile, ambitious, community-centred, and makes instinctive links between theory, practice, and industry. As a practice-based course with a strong community ethos, we offer you a range of subject choices and dedicated studio spaces that encourage you to act and think as a member of a worldwide design community from day one. We support and guide you as you map your own path towards your design career by a series of negotiated options. And we will equip you with the tools to become the makers and thinkers who will shape tomorrow’s society for us all.