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Dr Camille Baker

Research Co-ordinator, Interaction Tutor

Dr Camille Baker lectures on our BA (Hons) Graphic Design course. She teaches the Interface and Interaction platform at Year 2 and 3 at UCA Epsom. She is an artist-performer, researcher and curator within various art forms. These include participatory performance and interactive art, mobile media art, tech fashion/soft circuits and DIY electronics.

Dr Camille Baker is an interdisciplinary artist, curator and researcher with a background in digital and electronic art and design, working across creative disciplines of: wearable technology and the body, mobile media and performance, telematics and networked performance, interactive installation and responsive environments, digital art curating, web design, music, animation, video art, online communities, and emerging technologies research and education.

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Dr Sophie Beard

Design Lab, Information Tutor,
Year 1 Leader

Dr Beard is a practitioner and theorist within the field of Visual Communication. Her interest lies in the terrain of Vernacular Photography and the methodological approach of The Archive and Act of Collecting.

She is particularly interested in Vernacular Photography and its Practices, Material Culture, and the methodological approach of The Archive and Act of Collecting. Rapidly changing technology has produced new contexts, forms and practices, both in relation to the production and consumption of photographic images. Design. Education. Research. Collecting. The Vernacular. Archives. Open Source. Evidence. Material Culture. The Familiar. Temporality. Reappropriation. Anonymity. Authenticity.

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Mark Hudson

Course Leader, Illustration Tutor

Mark has shaped and led Graphic Design courses in and around London for the last twenty years, alongside a thriving graphic arts practice. He has taught and lectured internationally, including workshops in Copenhagen, Ghent, Hamburg and Orleans, and was awarded First Prize in the MacMillan Prize for Children’s Books.

Initially trained as an Oxford historian, Mark brings critical analysis to modern design settings. Based in design studios in London’s Brunswick Centre, shared with design publishers GraphicDesign&, his graphic work consists of thoughtful visual imagery used in a wide range of settings, extending out far beyond traditional illustration into exhibition graphics, public art, historical visual consultancy, and book arts and manufacture.

His wider professional design interests range from applied drawing and printmaking to children’s books via digital domains, artisan design and print ephemera. He looks to promote a graphic ideology that is collaborative and does not accept constraints or boundaries to the situating of graphic design as a practice.

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Sallyanne Theodosiou

Work Placement Tutor, Year 2 Leader

Sallyanne joined UCA in 2002 as a senior lecturer on the Graphic Design course. Previously she taught BA (Hons) students at Croydon College, after working in the industry as a graphic designer and studio manager for 10 years.

Sallyanne’s research currently focuses on the Typo Circle. She is the first person to investigate the history of the organisation started in 1976, an important period of change within the graphic design industry. The industry links and range of speakers for the organisation covers every aspect of the creative industries around a loose theme of typography.

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Dr James Trafford

Theory Lead, Design Lab tutor,
Year 3 Leader

James Trafford is Reader in Philosophy and Design in the school of Communication Design at University for the Creative Arts, and is theory-lead on the undergraduate Graphic Design course. He is the author of numerous articles and book chapters, and is the sole author of Meaning in Dialogue (Springer, 2017), co-editor of Speculative Aesthetics (Urbanomic, 2016), co-editor of Alien Vecotors (Sage, 2019), and is currently working on a solo book project on Neoliberalism as Racialised Power. His practice is based in moving image and human-centred design, he has given talks at numerous conferences and public events, including at Tate Modern, HKW Berlin, RCA, and his work has been exhibited at Tate Britain and Xero, Kline, and Coma.